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About Travel Alchemy

As early as recorded time, people have traveled to powerful places and sacred spaces. The question is why. For many years, I’ve had a fascination with sacred landscape and the learning, healing, and transformative possibilities it offers. When I first began my own journey into sacred landscape, I thought I was simply following a curiosity about my lineage and my roots, which happens to be Western European – Scottish and Spanish. I had no idea that I would begin to go between worlds . . . to Otherworldy realms. Indeed, reality as I knew it would never be the same. Soon I would learn about geomancy, ley lines, portals, gateways, sacred codes, and all things metaphysical.

Powerful places have natural elements that create a unique energetic frequencies.  Nature loves to work in patterns. Whether it is the seasons, cycles, or planetary transits, nature is forever creating one pattern after another.

One of nature’s patterns that is especially relevant to sacred landscape is her grid of invisible energy currents. Often experienced by their subtle electromagnetic fields, these energy streams create a web of power points, ley lines, and vortexes that surround the planet. The ancients all around the world were aware of these energy patterns. Many made pilgrimages to these powerful energy sites, and megalithic monuments were erected to strengthen our connection to these places. There is actually a term for the study of this phenomenon. It is called Geomancy. According to Richard Feather, “Geomancy operates within a worldview that regards the earth as a conscious living being—the earth’s body is perceived as more than a hunk of inanimate matter—it is a living being interlaced with flowing veins of bio-magnetic energy.”

Featured Journey


From The Sovereign Woman™ & Alison McLean of the Clan MacLean comes a Call . . .

A Heralding for the Awakened Grail Queens to forge an Alliance
that has never before been witnessed on Gaia.

Join us for the journey of a lifetime to the Holy Isle of Scotland
September of 2016 on our Quest for the . . .


The Resurrection of the Feminine Christas needs ALL of us now. We alone are holding the Virgin Matrix. The distortion of the feminine field is so deeply entrenched in HIStory. HERstory is found in our remembrances, our longings, our knowings, our messages from our Grandmothers and the Divine Mother herself….the Shekinah….that there is more.

Our Sacred Destinations

Albion: A Gateway to the Otherworld

Occitania: The Land of Heretics

Avalon: Land of the Inner Mysteries

Galicia: Land of Witches, Myths & Legends

Girona: City of Stones & Secrets

El Camino: The Way of the Stars