Receive the “Venus Unification Codes” & future evolutionary streamings from the Feminine Matrix.




My life changed the day I had my first encounter
with Mary Magdalene, and ever since she has been
a predominant guiding figure for me.


In the more recently uncovered scrolls and texts, the Nag Hammadi and other Gnostic Scriptures, not only is Mary portrayed as the Apostle of Apostles, she was known as a teacher of women. Her role was to bring about what was called in ancient Hebrew, Tikkun, which is a great mass healing. I have come to realize an aspect of my own mission is the great healing of womanhood, which is represented energetically as the Soul of the World. This IS the feminine aspect.

My encounter with Mary Magdalene led me to the world of Sovereignty. She introduced me to whole domain of womanhood, very distinct from the feminine and the Divine Feminine. In our first encounter, Mary Magdalene compelled me to discover three essential things:

What it is to be a woman

What is unique to the feminine

What it is to inhabit a body

I remember now, I remember who I am, and I remember WHY I am here, and I remember who it is, and who I am to be now.

After many of years deeply exploring these questions. Mary Magdalene came to me and said, “Now you are ready to return sovereignty to humanity.” I had no practical grasp of the concept of sovereignty, so I had to start with the definition I found in the dictionary. The actual definition of Sovereignty is: Self-governing. Self-ruling. Through my own personal experience on anchoring my true self and unique expression, I found myself becoming an axis mundi—a celestial pillar—between spirit and earth. I became an energetic attractor for what I came here to do. I learned and claimed for myself that through my way of being, an electromagnetic field is formed around me that creates change in my environment.

All my life I knew I had a unique cosmology. Our cosmology is of course how we see ourselves in relation to the whole. I always knew I was connected to the whole ga-lactic configuration in some way. Like many Star Beings, I tried to act like everyone else and failed miserably. Thank god I did fail, because I may have never gotten to the point where I discovered the true nature of my being . . . what my other dimen-sional self is and what I came here to be and do.


I know that I am a catalyst and an activator. Since the time of the Essenes and the Egyptians and long before that in nonhuman forms, it has been my assigned mission to create, grow, and access the inner Codes of Light I carry, and to connect with oth-er Star Beings to create and co-create with others who hear and heed the calling. It is time for us, the many Star Beings who are now incarnated on Earth, to build the new tribal councils; it is time for us to spiral upwards and go through the portals of light that have been prepared for us. All of us, the awakened and awakening Star Be-ings on Earth, are destined to gather together in order to share our unique light codes.


2016 is the year I am called to prepare the way for the coming shift in global con-sciousness, aligning this planetary system to an intergalactic state so we may join the others. Many of us know it is time for us to step out of the shadows and declare WHO WE ARE. I am here for the Star Beings, not the humans, and that aspect of my being is the catalyst and activator that can assist others to literally wake up as if from deep slumber—a bad dream—and say “I remember now, I remember who I am, and I remember WHY I am here, and I remember who it is, and who I am to be now.”

Did you know that Star Beings have their own akashic records? When you look into a Star Being’s soul path, you won’t find the human karmic stuff—you will find their purpose for being here—their assignment. As an evolutionary being, and we are many, this is my purpose, to help you to understand who you truly are, and in the process of looking at your akashic records, my unique coding is streamed to you in a manner designed by the galactics from where we all originated.


In my recent personal journeys, I have come in contact with numerous Star Beings and Hybrids. These Beings carry codes from not only the Magdalene, but also from Nefertiti, Morgaine, Arthur and the Pendragons, and others. They come from the Pleiades, Sirius B, and other planets affiliated with the Galactic Councils. Most nota-ble among them, and a dear ally and advisor to me, is Colonel William Buehler, a Grail King and Templar, who actually built the Rosslyn Chapel in another lifetime. Colonel Buehler’s intimate knowledge of the planetary Earth gridlines, the energet-ics of crop circles, and of course the interdimensional nature of the Rosslyn Chapel is unparalleled. Bill is a living library of the true nature and intentions of the Tem-plars— lifetimes of knowledge in one body. The nature of my transformational jour-neys has reached new levels of understanding as a result of William’s unique over-lay and understanding of sacred energetics.

In this three-dimensional world we incarnate into, I enjoy helping others awaken to their own Sovereignty through the powerful use of Travel Alchemy, Unique Self-Dharma Coaching, and Akashic Galactic Soul Readings. As a scholar and researcher of the Western Mystery Traditions, I lead Sacred Journeys following the footsteps of the Templars, the Magdalene, the Judeo-Christian-Celtic Mythos, and Otherworldly energies. As an historian of place, the sacred, and womanhood, I attune to the distor-tions that have been created relative to the feminine and what I call the ocean we all are swimming in that is so transparent we don’t even realize its impact on our choices and the lives we create.

Alison professionally trained as an Ontological and Somatic coach at two of the world’s premier coaching institutions, Newfield Network, Institute for Embodied Wis-dom, and Strozzi Institute of Embodied Leadership, she works with clients holistically through their emotions, generative use of language and the body. She regularly blogs about the cycles and rhythms of nature, womanhood, actualization of the unique self, sacred landscapes, ancient lineages, and interdimensional living.