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About Sovereignty

It was through my encounters with Mary Magdalene that I was introduced to the gift of sovereignty. Under her tutelage, I learned about womanhood, the unique aspects of the feminine, and what it was to inhabit a body. After three years of study with Mary, she announced one day that now I was ready to do what I came here to do—“Return Sovereignty to Humanity.” Truly, I had no clue what she was talking about. My friends urged me to reframe this to something more marketable or something people could understand. Up until this point, I worked with women to embody their inner Queen, but Mary wanted me to return sovereignty and she was very specific. And to tell you the truth, I was intrigued. Everything I pursued before Mary was unfulfilling. Regardless of what my friends said, the tapestry of my life became fuller, richer and on purpose as I further aligned with Mary.

I realized Mary was asking me to be evolutionary. She was introducing me to concepts that had been lost and/or were new for this age, and anything that was acceptable to current understanding would not serve humanity.

As a researcher, I embark on a new quest by looking up a concept in the dictionary to see the minimum standard of the status quo definition. What I found for Sovereignty was: Complete independence and self-rule. This certainly was not what Mary prepared me for—what SHE wanted me to return to humanity. There had to be more than this simple definition. So I began to search the mythos and legends from my lineage, the Western Mystery Tradition, and a picture of sovereignty began to emerge.

Sovereignty is a profound yet illusive concept;
it is a natural state of being inherent to the feminine.

~Alison McLean

The Marriage of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle


My first reference to Sovereignty was found in the Tale of the Marriage of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle, in the Arthurian Grail Legend. In brief, King Arthur is cornered in the forest by an armed knight who threatens King Arthur’s life. The knight tells the king that he must return in a year’s time with the answer to the following question, What is it that women most desire?, and if he fails to give a satisfactory answer he will cut off the king’s head.

King Arthur returns to his castle distraught. His nephew Sir Gawain suggests they both go out riding into the country separately looking for answers to this question. With some hopelessness, King Arthur returns to the forest for inspiration and he meets an old hag who tells him that she will give him the answer if Sir Gawain marries her. The king returns to the castle and Sir Gawain agrees to the marriage. Arthur returns to the forest, meets the hag, and once she hears that Sir Gawain has accepted her terms, she reveals that what women desire most is sovereignty, the ability to choose for themselves.


The Goddess of Sovereignty and the Mabinogion


I next encountered sovereignty was through the Mabinogion, the first written collection of Welsh-Celtic-Gaelic Mythos. Celtic mythology is filled with powerful, and mysterious queens, both mortal and divine. Most of the names of the legendary queens and goddess translate to a form of Great Queen. Regardless of the specific narrative, the roles of these great queens remained consistent. They personified power, authority, and strength; and the Lady of the Land, and only through union with them could a king legitimately rule.

To the Celts, sovereignty was not about the right to rule over a clan or country; sovereignty was a divine power granted by the goddess of the land. The goddess and the land were one and the same. By union with the goddess, the king became connected to the land and the people. The fate of the land became intertwined with his. Any blemish or unworthy deed of his would be felt by the land and any mistreatment of the land would cause him to lose his kingdom. The gift of sovereignty was NOT shared; instead it was bestowed upon the king by the goddess, and he acted as her representative.

The right to choose, as we saw in the The Marriage of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle, is reflected in all of the Great Queen mythos. The goddess maintains the right to choose her lovers and confer sovereignty on a mate she deems most worthy. She acts in the best interest of the land.

In ancient Celtic times, the rulers were mostly men, which ensured the fertility of the land as the land was personified by the feminine. Any king who ruled out of alignment with the good of the land or kingdom lost the support of the Sovereign Goddess. Only when a kingdom was so out of balance did the Great Queen herself battle to reign the land. What is interesting is that female monarchs were considered to have the ability to directly embody the Lady of the Land, Sovereignty HERself, where male monarchs ruled as her consort or champion and never wielded power directly.

In Celtic lore, the Goddess of Sovereignty was a shapeshifter—alternately appearing as a gruesome hag or a beautiful maiden. The goddess appeared as a hag typically to test a king or remove him from his throne. As the beautiful maiden, she offered her gifts. A king must face the hag and pass her tests in order to receive the maiden and her love and support.

Although the ancient lore about sovereignty is fascinating, what does all of this have to do with humanity today? Why did Mary Magdalene ask me to return the powerful gift of sovereignty to humanity? Why now when most of us are not destined to rule a clan or a kingdom?

For all of humanity, Mary Magdalene offers the gift of empowerment and self-knowledge. Wherever we have relinquished our personal power, she urges us to claim it back. As the hag, she appears to us when we need to break through barriers that are holding us back or we are acting out of alignment with our Soul’s purpose and blueprint. As the Hag, she tests our strength, courage, and fortitude. As Queen, she moves us into action. As Warrior, she spurs us into battle when we need to fight for what is right. As we learn to go within and heed the stirrings in our heart, she appears as the lovely maiden, bestowing us with the bounty of the land and offers us reward for our efforts. Sovereignty is a feminine attribute, and is granted through right relationship with the Spirit of the land.


Encountering the Goddess of Sovereignty is an initiation into Sovereignty of the Self. She leads us toward wholeness and challenges us to reclaim sovereignty over our lives. And for humanity at this new era of the greatly awaited ascension, the Goddess of Sovereignty is preparing us for an even greater destiny—to take full karmic responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds. We are moving out of Earth’s quarantine, a stage that has trapped us in the karmic cycles of life and death; this karmic cycling slows down the impact of our manifestations allowing us to learn from our errors and course-correct. Learning to take full karmic responsibility is critical, because we are moving into an open galactic system where our actions not only impact our own lives and our planet but the 400 plus universes we are connected to.

In essence, sovereignty is about knowing who you and what you truly are, knowing your unique role, contribution, and obligation to our divine mission, and masterfully using the body you came in as a vehicle to deliver those gifts. Sovereignty is truly about being a responsible creative force and conduit between spirit and matter.