Receive the “Venus Unification Codes” & future evolutionary streamings from the Feminine Matrix.

Featured Journey

From The Sovereign Woman™ & Alison McLean of the Clan MacLean comes a Call . . .


Join us for the journey of a lifetime to the Holy Isles of Scotland this September as we collectively facilitate the

Fulfillment of the Iona Prophecy
A Heralding of Grail Queens

Sacred Scotland, September 11-21, 2016


About Sovereignty

Sovereignty is a profound yet illusive concept; and it is a state of being so natural and inherent to the feminine.

It was through my encounters with Mary Magdalene that I was introduced to the gift of sovereignty. I had spent over three years under her tutelage; learning about womanhood, the unique aspects of the feminine, and what it was to inhabit a body. And one day she announced that now I was ready to do what I came here to do, “Return Sovereignty to Humanity”.

Travel Alchemy


The Power of Transformative Travel

As early as recorded time, people have traveled to powerful places and sacred spaces. The question is why. I have had a growing fascination with sacred landscape and the learning, healing, and transformative possibilities it offers. When I first began on my own journey into sacred landscape, I thought I was simply following a curiosity about my lineage, my roots, and where I came from (which happens to be European – Scottish and Spanish). I had no idea that I would begin to go between worlds, reality as I knew it and the Otherworldy realms. Soon I would learn about geomancy, ley lines, portals, gateways, sacred codes, and the like.



Alison McLean

Founder, Sovereign Woman™

About Alison McLean

My life changed the day I had my first encounter with Mary Magdalene, and ever since she has been a predominant guiding figure for me. In the more recently uncovered scrolls and texts, the Nag Hammadi and other Gnostic Scriptures, not only is Mary portrayed as the Apostle of Apostles, she was known as a teacher of women. Her role was to bring about what was called in ancient Hebrew, Tikkun, which is a great mass healing.

I have come to realize an aspect of my own mission is the great healing of womenhood, which is represented energetically as the soul of the world. This IS the feminine aspect.