From The Sovereign Woman & Alison McLean
of the Clan MacLean comes a Call . . .

A Heralding for the Awakened Grail Queens to forge an Alliance, a promise made before the Birth of Time.
Join us for the journey of a lifetime to the Holy Isles of Scotland this September as we collectively facilitate the

Fulfillment of the Iona Prophecy
A Heralding of Grail Queens


Sacred Scotland
September 11-21, 2016

Are You Called to This Journey?

The distortion of the feminine field has been deeply entrenched in HIStory. HERstory is found in our remembrances, our longings, our knowings, our messages from our Grandmothers and the Divine Mother herself….from the Shekinah and the Sophia…that there is more and it has EVERYTHING to do with the new age of Womanhood.



Our journey to Sacred Scotland is more than a pilgrimage of priestesses—it is destined to facilitate the fulfillment of a prophecy . . . the Iona Prophecy; which says:

“The Christed One shall come again on Iona in the body of a mortal woman,
with the Soul of Mary Magdalene.”


The Sophia has incarnated time and again, such that there are many with her soul, with pieces of her aspect. WE are the collective Magdalene. This September we will Access and Activate the ancient Grail Queen codes we each carry as we travel within the sacred portals and leylines of Rosslyn Chapel and at the seat of Her throne on the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne. We are called to carry these codes across the Isle of Mull, ancient seat of Clan MacLean, to the Isle of Iona for fulfillment of the Prophecy. The coming of the Christa.

It’s your time to return to your true Grail Queen birthright

It’s time for a new understanding of the Divine Feminine. It is not that SHE has returned as SHE never left. She was scorned and shunned, and her Frequency was so severely silenced that she went deeper into matter and to the inner core of Mother Earth.

She now is sufficiently rooted to take back the throne. And we, as Grail Queens, are ready and sufficiently prepared to join HER. This frequency is about the legitimacy to rule; it’s about owning your Christic essence as a female. It is about taking Karmic responsibility for ourselves as Creatrix.

NOW is the time to move from the energetic pattern of Redemption, which is based on karmic cycles to one of Regeneration, consciously creating from the VOID. This is Sovereignty and the Great Return to Sovereignty.

Do You Feel a Remembrance?
Maybe a Yearning?
A knowing of something that is surpassing your current reality?

Perhaps You:

  • Know that you are here for the Ascension and it is happening Now.
  • Know it is time to reveal your unique gifts and BE what you came to be.
  • Are ready to receive your Unique Grail Queen codes.
  • Long to connect deeply with the Magdalene and Grail Queen Lineage.
  • Have a sense you are one of the New Templars.
  • Are ready to co-create the New Womb and midwife the New Human Race.
  • Are a Light Grid Worker and know you are prepared for another level of work.

In this private alchemical journey of Grail Queens, we will visit the Gaelic Isles of Lindisfarne, Mull, Iona, and Staffa, and the Templaric Rosslyn Chapel to connect with the sacred mysteries of Scotland, its hidden spirit and the wisdom of the Goddess of Sovereignty. We will call upon the Realms within the Mists of the Holy Isles of Scotland to guide us in our sacred feminine quest.

English poet and mystic, William Blake, viewed Scotland as the original and archetypal Holy Land on planet earth. That is to say, the initial and supreme location for the seeding of the Christ Light and Consciousness into the world, from where it was to radiate out to reach the entire globe itself.

According to author and historian, Barry Dunford, The British Isles have a vital part to play in the evolution of humanity on this planet as we move towards 2012 and beyond. The 21st century may herald the Third Age of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, “when ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

And according to Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, The nature of Albion (ancient name for Scotland) is related to collective human consciousness and the World Soul, to which we are all intimately connected. The Albion is the androgynous human template created from the twelve spheres of the Tree of Life which, during the fall of humankind, became buried in the lower dimensional fields of the earth, waiting to be re-awakened.


Only on the Holy Isles of Scotland Is it possible to facilitate the Fulfillment of the Iona Prophecy. As Grail Queens, we have been given access to the secrets of the Templars. William Buehler, Templar elder of the Clan Sinclair lineage, has bestowed us with the ancient Templar technology of accessing the star-gates, portals, and arc systems necessary for the fulfillment of our purpose.

The Grail Queens have never gathered together for a task of this magnitude. We are forging an alliance that Mother Earth has never witnessed before. It is time for the Grail lineages to galvanize, harmonize, and lead a new humanity into the next Era of Truth.




Are you ready to…

  • Restore Your Divine Sovereign Power?
  • Receive Your Grail Codes from the Ancient Templars themselves?
  • Take full karmic responsibility as a Creator Goddess?
  • Seed the Creation Field in the Rosslyn Chapel Glen Stargate?
  • Receive Your Coronation as an embodied Grail Queen?
  • Don Your Queen’s Robe of Your Destiny and accept Your Royal Lineage?
  • Step into Your role to fulfill the Iona Prophecy?


Our 10-Day Journey Throughout the
Holy Isle of Scotland Will Include:



Day 1 – Sep 11: ARRIVAL: You will be transported to beautiful Melville Castle in the outskirts of Edinburgh where we will have a lovely welcome dinner.


Day 2 – Sep 12: SEEDING THE STARGATE:  Rosslyn Chapel and Glen is a short drive from our castle lodging, and we will picnic in the Chapel Glen where we will connect with the deep Sidhe (SHEE), Elementals, Shining Ones and  experience the Green Man effect. It is in the Glen that will activate the Parhelion Stargate using ancient Templaric techniques, programming this Stargate for our collective mission. Rosslyn was built to access the star- streams, and the processes on this first day will set the resonance we will hold for the rest of our journey. After dinner in the town of Rosslyn, we will return to the Rosslyn Castle Ruins for a ceremony venerating the Gypsy contribution as the keepers of the deep mysteries and the walking temple. 


Day 3 – Sep 13: ACCESSING THE SOLOMON TEMPLE FORMAT: Sufficiently in resonance with the Star-Gate dynamics, today we return to the Rosslyn Chapel and enter. The Chapel was built to embody nature representing the symbiotic relationship between humans and the nature kingdoms. Rosslyn Chapel is a true interdimensional library and the activation point of the famous Rose Line. We will experience accessing the power of the Rose Line, the temple harmonics, and ascension chambers to download our individual Destiny Codes. We will experience the magic and the alchemy of this ascension temple through the use of the ancient Templaric sacred geometry encoded into the Chapel.


Day 4 – Sep 14: PROGRAMMING THE GRAIL QUEEN SYSTEM: We travel to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, the ancient seat of the Grail Queen. Walking the ancient pathways, we encounter the Grail Arc in the lap of the Grail Queen. Then we make our way to the foot of Her throne, which is marked by Lindisfarne Castle. Here we will seed the creation field with our Destiny Codes we received at Rosslyn Chapel. Before departing Lindisfarne, we will re-establish the redemptive ley, also known as the Spear of Longenus, in preparation for our journey to the Isle of Mull, where the ley passes through Duart Castle and onto the Christic and Luciferian Star-Gates of Iona and Staff.


Day 5 – Sep 15: PAYING HOMAGE TO THE CAILLEACH: Leaving our castle lodging outside Edinburgh, we carry the upgraded Arc Codes of the restored Grail Queen and travel to Glen Lyon, the Valley of the Sun God. Often described as the most beautiful of Scottish Glens, it is almost devoid of structures and standing stones, as the land itself is considered Holy. However, deep in the Glen, there is a small hut housing a number of small stones representing the Cailleach, the Creator Goddess or the Primordial Sovereign Queen. Lore has it that the Cailleach and her family reside here from Beltane (May 1) to Samhain (October 31). After paying homage to the home of the Creator Goddess, we ferry to the Isle of Mull to our accommodations at Ardnacross Farm where we will enjoy the rugged and breathtaking beauty of the Isle of Mull. 


Day 6 – Sep 16: DUART CASTLE & SHIFTING THE LEY: This morning we will have time to enjoy the wild and sacred landscape of Mull and Ardnacross Farm, which has its own Standing Stone. As we look out across the Ross of Mull, in a direct line is the House of the Cailleach located in the Holy Glen. Once again connecting with the Primordial Sovereign Goddess, e will receive her blessing before heading to Duart Castle, seat of Clan MacLean to shift the ley. This ancient clan is the guardian of the redemptive ley line. Within Duart Castle we will enjoy lunch in the tearoom and have the pleasure to walk the grounds and gardens at our leisure.


Day 7 – Sep 17: RETRIEVING THE STONE OF DESTINY & THE IONA PROPHECY: Formed from some of the oldest rocks on Earth, the Isle of Iona is believed to be one of the most sacred places on earth—a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Those of us who work with geomancy and the inner planes, recognize Iona as the Christic Stargate. We will begin our day on Iona by walking to Columba Bay. Legend has it that this is where Saint Columba arrived by boat with a piece of the Stone of Destiny. Here we will retrieve and carry the destiny codes to the Crown of Iona which faces the iconic Isle of Staffa. It is while facing Staffa that we will fulfill the ancient Iona Prophecy. Following lunch on Iona, we you will be able to enjoy free time in the afternoon to explore this lovely Isle; you may choose to shop, tour the famous Abbey, walk the chakra system embedded in the land, or simply relax and take in the breathtaking views and the Otherworldly energy. Be sure to bring your pendulums or dowsing rods!


Day 8 – Sep 18: RETURNING TO EDEN & THE ReGENESIS: Today we take a private boat charter for an afternoon excursion to visit the enchanting Isle of Staffa and the ethereal Fingal’s Cave. It’s a true cathedral – complete with organ pipes that fill the cave with unearthly sounds. This small island rises proudly out of the sea, and in the distance, Iona sits in direct line, like a jewel in the glistening sea. As Iona represents the Christic Stargate, Staffa represents the Luciferean Stargate prior to the fall. We will have time to explore the island and remember the garden and the creation field prior to separation and BE with the Lucifer energetic as the true bearer of light, the morning star or Venus.


Day 9 – Sep 19: EMBODYING THE SHAMIR: Today we return to Edinburgh by the way of Fortingall where we will visit the L-Gate stone formation (considered in geomantic terms the most powerful energetic place in all of Britain) and petition for entry into the Christic Academy, an etheric organization on the inner planes that prepare the Christed Ones. This is where Yeshua was prepared for a period of 300 years prior to his incarnation. Our visit here will open the gateway for the Christic energy to spread and radiate throughout the planet. Before leaving Fortingall, we will enjoy lunch and visit to the cherished ancient Yew Tree, considered the oldest Yew in Europe. Upon arrival in Edinburgh, we will check into our accommodations at the Roxburghe Hotel, ideally located near Old Town, overlooking the magnificent Edinburgh Castle.


Day 10 – Sep 20: CORONATION AT ARTHUR’S SEAT: As our pilgrimage together draws to a close, today we will visit Arthur’s Seat and receive our Coronation. Today is really about our ability to become the embodied Shamir, a living axis mundi, a Sovereign Woman™. You will also have a free afternoon to enjoy Edinburgh and we will meet back at the Roxburghe Hotel for our Closing Dinner.




This Pilgrimage is for You if:


  • You believe you have a role to play in the planetary changes being felt around the globe.
  • You are experiencing extraordinary and even unsettling changes in your life!

Know that you are not crazy and you are not alone. Consider joining a powerful group of women intent on paving the way for the new Christic energies of the Divine Feminine to come through.



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