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Look for the Living – On the Threshold of Evolution

I am always receiving messages. Lately, they seem more and more prophetic. The message I received yesterday morning is hauntingly so. I heard, “Look for the living. Look for the living. Stop picking through what is already dead.”

So why is this so haunting for me? Several months back I received a spiritual reading that informed me I was here for the ascension during the time of the extinction. Now that is pretty trippy. Yet, upon hearing it, I knew it was true and that my whole life was leading up to this point.

You see, I have this knack for knowing when something no longer serves–what is dead– what needs to be released or cut away. I am a natural culler so to speak. But what I have been realizing is that not everyone is willing to release what is necessary in these times of ascension. I was also told I need to be clear in my communication and to start letting people know. So here it is in black and white:

The vibrational frequency of the earth IS shifting and we are meant to shift along with it. The old ways will not be coming with us.

Those that are willing to release the old patterns and paradigms and receive the new transmissions and coding for the new race will do so and stay with the planet. Those that don’t will move to a different dimensional frequency. There is no right or wrong in this. It is simply what is happening. This post is not meant to be a discourse on evolution. Nor to avow or disavow whether what most of us were taught in school is fact. However, consider for a moment if there were points of demarkation in history when some life forms stood up on their hind legs and otheevolutionrs did not?

The way I see it, we are taking part in evolution in REAL time. We are at the cusp. So if you feel strange or feel like things are speeding up or out of control — well they are. What feels weird to me is I am beginning to see the vibrational schisms forming.

How about you? Are there times when you are listening to others speak and realize you are not living in the same reality? I really would love to hear your own experience of these profound times of change.

In sovereignty, I remain,




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