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Language of the Heart

September 16, 2013

Dear Family of Light,

I have a lot to catch you up on since my last episode of getting lost in the rain in the middle of nowhere.  The next morning, after a night of no sleep, I got into my car and drove back to where I felt the center of “things” were so I could once again find my center and get my bearing.  Then, I would choose.  I also had an appointment to meet someone that a friend from California advised I meet.  She is deep into the Divine Feminine and holds a lot of workshops in the area.  I got lost and missed the appointment; however, I felt ease and grace around it.  I knew it was my day to connect inward.

I am so happy I chose to follow my intuition and the light.  By light, I mean exactly that.  Nothing too esoteric.  Does it feel ligh to continue in this direction?  Does it feel expansive to pull the car over here?  Am I happy here?

I drove until I heard my inner voice to pull off the road at the next town.  The town is called Alet les Bains.  I found myself taking a big exhale.  My whole body relaxed and I new I was “home” for a couple of days.  I found a terrific hotel next to the old Abbey.  The first room they showed me was dark and I could hear the road noise.  My inner good girl was telling me to just take the room.  “Don’t be difficult”.  My emerging self was telling me to let them know it wouldn’t work that I wanted light and quiet.  The next room they showed me was perfect.


The following two days were magical.  In passing, I heard of a local guide into the Initiation Caves. I also heard he was difficult to contact and he stopped bringing people to sacred places in the area. Another tour guide had been trying for a while.  I found a phone number on the internet nd he answered right away.  Although he didn’t speak English, and my French is terrible, we understood each other and we agreed to meet.

The meeting was other worldly.  Even though I had not met him before, I recognized energy immediately as I passed him in the street on the way to our meeting place.  But I wasn’t certain so I didn’t stop him.  But it was rewarding to know that my hunch was correct.

We didn’t speak the same “language” but understood each other perfectly as we talked about very spiritual and esoteric things.

He told me that I was the first person who came to him that he couldn’t help.  I was taken back and disappointed.  When I asked him to explain, he said, “you are the way” you don’t need a way.  I wasn’t sure I understood because that is an odd thing to hear but he confirmed that it was what he said.  He understood everything about me without words.  He knew I practiced embodiment and understood that I was here to return sovereignty to humanity.  After an hour, he agreed to spend a few days with me later in the month as I explained that I expand from transmission and my current work is about that.  Again following my hunch about him and my experience of his energy was one of the best decisions I ever made.  He has brought me on journeys to “other worlds”.  I hope to share this opportunity with the group of you who choose to join me in May 2014.

We can bypass our mind and perceive the energy of the place or the person.  I wanted to visit some of the sacred places with him and simply be still.

Later that day, when I returned to Alet les Bains, I chose to go on a walk and found a beautiful Galerie Ange.  Angel Gallery.  The artist is a master and uses what I call a process of infusion in her work.  It is my belief that many of the old masters used this technique in their heretical art pieces; keeping the teachings of love and union alive when it was forbidden by the Church.  If you are on my Facebook page, you will see some examples of the Angel work.  And for those of you who are not familiar with the origin of the word heretic, it means those who choose for themselves!


Tomorrow, I will meet some modern day Templars at Rennes le Chateau and attend a concert by my friend and Troubedor, Ani Williams in the Garden of Mary Magdalene.



To your sovereignty, I remain,




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