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Ha!  This is too cool!  Many of you probably knew this but for me it took walking by a French bookstore and my eye caught a glimpse of a children’s book called Qu’est.  Well qu’est in French means what is this…well my eye automatically converted it to Quest which of

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It’s night time and less than 2 days before I start walking. I’m reflecting on what has transpired so far. I will start from the beginning, in case anyone reading this is new to what has been pulling, calling, and waking in me for the past few years. I’ve am

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The Quest Begins!

Hello Pilgrims!  Spring has barely arrived in Saint Jean Pied de Port.  The buds are just now showing their small faces out into a new world; their skin as tender as my heart is at the newness of my journey.  What are the possibilities? I am raw, open, curious, tender,

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