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The Quest Begins!

Hello Pilgrims!  Spring has barely arrived in Saint Jean Pied de Port.  The buds are just now showing their small faces out into a new world; their skin as tender as my heart is at the newness of my journey.  What are the possibilities? I am raw, open, curious, tender, apprehensive and awed.  There is chatter all around me in countless languages. all Pilgrim brothers and sisters.  How to keep the enchantment of solitude and the healing of the quiet in the midst of the crowd? To be private in my own mind when in in body I cannot.   This, I sense is an aspect of Sovereignty and a skill I will learn along The Way.

Bien Camino!

To your sovereignty,

Alie McLean


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  1. Mrs Maïté DUHART

    March 31, 2013 - 9:37 am

    Hi Alli. Hope you are keeping well. Have a lovely Easter day .
    God bless you during your pilgrimage !

    Buen camino,


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