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It’s night time and less than 2 days before I start walking. I’m reflecting on what has transpired so far. I will start from the beginning, in case anyone reading this is new to what has been pulling, calling, and waking in me for the past few years. I’ve am being unraveled and reshaped as I explore the joys and challenges of living the life of a Sovereign Woman: True to myself, connected to my knowing, motivated by what I care about, attracting what I desire with grace and ease. This journey took me into the depths of the feminine psyche and I found myself emerging as her newly awakened voice.  This quest took me on a physical journey to the land of my father’s ancestors – to the Scottish Highlands.   However, it was The Magdalene that showed me what I needed to open to, receive and perceive along the way.

As I worked with a small group of people to reactivted and repair the feminine energy lines in the planet, I felt the rewiring of my own DNA code. The entire experience reveal to me how much history the landscape holds and when we are open and receptive it will share her story.  I was first introduced to this concept by one of my mentor’s Richard Strozzi Heckler; but I didn’t have a personal experience of it until this trip.  I became aware of things that my inner knower knew to be true… but the history books don’t mention it. Slowly, I am being drawn to books and articles indicating that others are knowing the information too! History from landscape is still revealing itself to me. My Highland Experience changed me forever.

Today, I am called by the land of my mother – The Spanish Basque. I am walking the 500 mile ancient pilgrimage called the Camino de Santiago. As I was preparing for this quest, I came aware of a distinct energy beckoning me. The energy was very masculine. It startled me and made me nervous because the Magdalene, and the mysteries of the feminine, have been my guides for so long. And then I remembered the new questions that have been informing my path. What would the face of the new masculine be like once the emerging feminine takes hold? What possibilities for expansion are available? What will union between the masculine and feminine be like? Are we ready this for Twin Flame Union to root in this reality – the perfect balance between the masculine and feminine? More than simply how relationships show up between men and women, it is about healing the masculine and feminine aspect within ourselves.  It is creating peace first within us. It is transcending the painful world of polarities: good and bad; right and wrong. I sense it is my inner masculine that beckons me here to the land of my mother. No wonder my very stressful experience arriving at Saint John Pied de Port poked at so many “polarity wounds” that never properly healed. I feel like I am starting my journey with a can of worms in my pack. More details tomorrow. For now I would love to hear from you. Have you declared your own quest? When are you starting? What is your question? Until tomorrow then.

Bien Camino!

Alie McLean



  1. Anita

    March 31, 2013 - 11:22 pm

    Hi alie.

    I hope your journey goes well.
    I am on a journey to simply claim my space and time. To be here fully.

    I have inherited “I am not enough.”. Please excuse me for occupying space.
    It’s a polite southern thing;)

    So who am I here to help?

    Thank you.

    • Alison McLean

      April 1, 2013 - 1:26 pm

      Dear Anita,
      Yes! I celebrate the quest current quest you have apologetic most of us are for taking space and for being seen and heard. The wayvi have come to see it is we are each a jewel in Indra’s net or a “holon” autonomous and interdependent systems that are actually required to shine unabashedly in order forvtge whole to t thrive.

      Continue to shine your light and take your unique place in the world.

      Bien Camino!


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