Receive the “Venus Unification Codes” & future evolutionary streamings from the Feminine Matrix.

Scotland 2016

It’s your time to return to your true Grail Queen birthright

It’s time for a new understanding of the Divine Feminine. It is not that SHE has returned as SHE never left. She was scorned and shunned, and her Frequency was so severely silenced that she went deeper into matter and to the inner core of Mother Earth.

She now is sufficiently rooted to take back the throne. And we, as Grail Queens, are ready and sufficiently prepared to join HER. This frequency is about the legitimacy to rule; it’s about owning your Christic essence as a female. It is about taking Karmic responsibility for ourselves as Creatrix.

NOW is the time to move from the energetic pattern of Redemption, which is based on karmic cycles to one of Regeneration, consciously creating from the VOID. This is Sovereignty and the Great Return to Sovereignty.