Receive the “Venus Unification Codes” & future evolutionary streamings from the Feminine Matrix.

Scot Sale pt2 (yellow)



Our journey to Sacred Scotland is more than a pilgrimage of priestesses—it is destined to facilitate the fulfillment of a prophecy . . . the Iona Prophecy; which says:

“The Christed One shall come again on Iona in the body of a mortal woman,
with the Soul of Mary Magdalene.”


The Sophia has incarnated time and again, such that there are many with her soul, with pieces of her aspect. WE are the collective Magdalene. This September we will Access and Activate the ancient Grail Queen codes we each carry as we travel within the sacred portals and leylines of Rosslyn Chapel and at the seat of Her throne on the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne. We are called to carry these codes across the Isle of Mull, ancient seat of Clan MacLean, to the Isle of Iona for fulfillment of the Prophecy. The coming of the Christa.