Receive the “Venus Unification Codes” & future evolutionary streamings from the Feminine Matrix.

Scot Sale pt4 (Do you feel a remembrance)

Do You Feel a Remembrance?
Maybe a Yearning?
A knowing of something that is surpassing your current reality?

Perhaps You:

  • Know that you are here for the Ascension and it is happening Now.
  • Know it is time to reveal your unique gifts and BE what you came to be.
  • Are ready to receive your Unique Grail Queen codes.
  • Long to connect deeply with the Magdalene and Grail Queen Lineage.
  • Have a sense you are one of the New Templars.
  • Are ready to co-create the New Womb and midwife the New Human Race.
  • Are a Light Grid Worker and know you are prepared for another level of work.