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Sufficiency – The Key To Abundance

Our culture has become addicted to more, better, and different.  I’ve been reflecting on this and the cost to personal happiness as I walk the entrepreneurial path.  A day doesn’t go by where I don’t receive countless “invitations” to learn a new way to make “6 Figures” and even that is now the target for the under-achiever.  “7 Figures” seems to be the new success benchmark.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with these aspirations; however, the question I pose to myself is, “Why 6 Figures?” or “Why 7 Figures?”.  What is really enough?

My business coach peers say they most commonly hear from their clients one of three “goals”.  Making $10,000 a month.  Making 6 Figures.  And now, making 7 Figures.

I too got caught up in this mindset and frankly, it was a miserable way to constantly compare and criticize myself.  It produced a “striving” energy that seemed to push away results more than attract them.  It certainly pushed away the joy of being me.

I began to consider “enoughness” and “sufficiency”.  I realized that my internal indicator that registered “enough” was defective.  It was stuck on “not enough”.  This produced a constant response in me of complaint and wanting.  None of my results, no matter how worthy, were enough.  No email I sent was good enough.  No product idea was good enough.  No number of enrollments was good enough.  Nothing anyone did for me was good enough.  I found myself in a ugly cycle I am calling the”Not Enough Cycle”.  Here is how it flows:

Not enough produces striving. Striving creates resistance from universe and keeps our good out.  This produces wanting which repels. The repellent response produces the appearance of lack. Lack validates not enough. And it starts all over.

I realized that enough is simply a point of view. Only we can declare something enough.  I invoked my personal power of declaring enoughness and applied it to EVERTHING.  My email copy was all of a sudden good enough.  My course title was good enough.  My boyfriend being 15 minutes late was on time enough.  This produced such satisfaction in my body that I was more eager to actually create.  Magically enough, I started receiving more support from the universe in the form of people, yeses and opportunities.

It has occurred to me that “enough” and “abundant” are not on opposite ends of a spectrum like I thought. Actually, they hold the same generative space.  When we truly tap into the “energy” of enoughness and our own enoughness there is a peace, calm and generative energy that is so expansive that it is infinitely abundant.



  1. Brenda

    March 2, 2014 - 8:29 am

    Well written, beautifully spoken and well received! Thanks Allie! Your is also the first post I could actually read as a post and find a place to leave a remark! Thank You!

  2. Alison McLean

    March 4, 2014 - 3:47 am

    Hello Brenda, Thank you for your remarks. I am a techno-novice and recently realized that replying wasn’t simple! And, I agree with your recent post, “Life is Funny…And Then It Get’s Better”. What I take away from that is when I can laugh and my circumstances it changes for the better…and then really…the whole thing becomes very funny. It is a comical circle!

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