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A Warm Family on a Cold Day

April 5, 2013 Day  6 – Obanos to Villatuerta (24 kilometers)

Outer Journey

It was a cold day and we got a late start from Obanos.  Some up and down but pretty mild terrain compared to the previous days.  The walk was through many vinegards and olive groves.  The path took us through vineyards and olive groves.  It was more climbing out of Obanos through Puenta la Reina…up nearly 550 meters through Maneru, Cirauqui, Lorca, and finally Villatuerta.

Inner Journey

It was a cold, cold day and it rained on and off.  We got a very late start…if there is even such a thing along The Way!  It was time to leave some burdens behind so I stopped at the post office and emptied half of my pack and shipped the unnecessary stuff back home.  At some point it all becomes unnecessary.  I now have one pair of walking shoes, one pair of paints, long underwear, towel, and not much more.

I walked with my small Knight Templar and his mother.  I had the urge to leave them and walk my own pace but a funny thing about The Camino is that we often think it is a solitary journey but it is not.  It is about arriving with the others.  There is no glory in arriving by yourself.  It is the other travellers that make your Camino.

One of the The Beatitudes of the Pilgrim is, ¨Blessed are you pilgrim, if what concerns you most is not to arrive, as to arrive with others¨. I was rewarded greatly because Elena also had relatives in the beautiful town of Cirauqui.  They made us a beautiful lunch with fresh white local asaragus, ham, chicken, potatoes and green beans…and of course some vino!

Stopping did get us a late start again so by the time it was 7:30 pm we were still far from our destination and very cold and wet so we stayed at an Auberge in Villatuerta.  The Auberge was called Casa Magica. The only magical thing about it was that you didn´t die of cold during the night as the Auberge was probably 1,000 years old and had no heat.  I woke up and it was 30 degrees.

I thought of the wisdom from my mother in her post to me. To paraphrase, she said, the Spiritual journey will take care of itself if I take care of staying warm, well fed and rested.

IMom, why are you always right.  Will I every catch up?

Buen Camino!


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