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April 23, 2013, Day 24, Sahagun to Leon (50 km by train)

Outer Journey

Reality set in last night and I counted the kilometers and the amount of days I had left and they didn’t add up.  My German companion suggested that we take a train.  At first I was very resistant as I “wanted” to be one of the ONEs that walked the whole way.  He encouraged the plan by reminding me that the walks in and out of the large cities are dreadful, difficult along the roads and there is not much to see.  I finally agreed and enjoyed the train ride.

Inner Journey

An interesting day and several other “crosses” in the road.  My German companion and I took the train to Leon.  On the train I reflected on my journey so far.  It had been very difficult from the beginning:  Cold, wet, lonely at times and now I am on a train with a walking partner that is really getting on my nerves.  I find him negative at the core but says positive things like “life is good”…oh, I hope he is not a mirror!  I will have to chew on that another day!  And then, that I am on a train at all is disappointing.  I was forced to ask, “What is The Camino anyway?”  Is it a road? A journey? Is there one way?  The Camino teaches choice, discernment, tolerance and acceptance.  Sometimes all those are at odds with each other.  The Camino isn’t the physical route or the destination or how you get there…maybe it is the mental and emotional state you go in…

I know I must make some choices today if I hope to make it to Santiago de Compestella let alone Finisterre.  How do I “plan” better and follow my quest to live life unplanned and undefined?

And, I also know it is time to leave Edgar, my walking partner…but how can I choose that and be kind?

Buen Camino!



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  1. Thomas

    May 21, 2013 - 8:58 pm

    Hi Alie. I continue to enjoy your inner musings, a result of your difficult physical trek, I assume. They’re quite insightful and rich with thought. I particularly enjoyed your posting on the Historical Whore. It was wonderful.

    Continue your journey, hopefully, Edgarless. Remember, you’re the Sovereign, Edgar is only a loyal subject. Hahaha!

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