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Day of Rest and Reflection in Burgos

April 16, 2013, Day 17, Burgos (Rest day)

Burgos is a beautiful city and the Cathedral is stunning. I didn’t plan a rest day but my iPad is stuck in customs and I have been on the phone all day attempting to track it down and have it released.  It doesn’t look good!

In between phone calls to UPS and the customs agent, I had time to reflect on my emotions and my experience so far on The Camino.

It is really about love.  That IS The Way. So what is love anyway? Receptivity?  Allowancing the “nature” of things in?  Forgiveness?  Would there even be such a thing as forgiveness if there was no judgement and no conclusions?

What could I be willing to receive that I have resisted until now and if I receiv ed it it would change everything?  Where have my judgements and conclusions created a contraction that doesn’t allow more of what I desire in my life?

I find myself criticizing how I am “doing” The Camino.  Am I walking enough each day?  Should I be walking with others more?  Alone more?  Spending less money? Learning more?  What if there was no better or worse Camino.  What if I simply trusted the process.

Buen Camino!



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  1. janeva

    May 4, 2013 - 3:08 pm

    “What if”s are certainly with us, but it’s the “what will”s that are the imortant things and the things that we have a bit of control over. It’s wonderful to read of your adventure. You go girl!

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