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The Rhythm of a Group

April 19, 2013, Day 20, Castrojeriz to Boadilla (20 km)

Outer Journey

Although we began the walk with a steep climb out of Castrojeriz to Alto Mostelares. ost of the day was a simple and easy walk across more of the Meseta.

Inner Journey

I am settling into a roughly knit walking group and it is nice.  My primary companion is an elder German man named Edgar.  And throughout the day we meet up with Margret from Canada, and a group of Irish pilgrims, Kate, Jim, Liam and Martin.  And occasionally we meet Brian and Mike again from Liverpool but they are only walking one week.  I am noticing that there are some people that live well together.  On The Camino we walk, eat and sleep well together.  Maybe it is because we have the same values or rhythm.  And other people…well they are disruptive and disturb the peace.

We ended the day in a small paradise.  The Camino is full of them.  I usually receive some sort of treat every day.  Today it was the small Albergue nestle away in Boadillo.  A small town of 20 inhabitants.  We entered into a large garden courtyard and the owner is an artist and had large sculptures and so many flowers everywhere.

The Albergue had two fireplaces and we all read by the fire.  We are becoming like a family.  Whenever I see the pilgrims I know along The Way my heart lightens up.  I especially love to see these two young and brave Korean girls.  They are so sweet and so adventurous.  They love to try new things.

Buen Camino!



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  1. Lida

    May 8, 2013 - 3:38 pm

    Dear Alie, I love reading your posts and so delighted you found your rhythm and have friends along the way to be with. I know you have your alone time to ponder and contemplate. The joy of life is in sharing happiness and experiences with others. You are connecting deeply to yourself and the land. Each of you is an inspiration to another.
    I love you.

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