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What a Sovereign Woman Can Learn From a Bull Fighter

I was having a conversation with an amazing woman I know about the symbolism of “The Bull”.  Eventually the topic of bull fighting came up.  I am Spanish on my mothers side, and have spent a great deal of time in Spain. I was exposed to the art of bull fighting at an early age.  I was moved between the fascination and horror of it all.  This blog is NOT about the morality of bull fighting. It is about what women reclaiming their sovereignty can learn from the metaphor it offers.

My friend encouraged me to find a photo of the world’s greatest matador (bull fighter) Manuel Rodriquez Manolete and observe his stand.  I was inspired and I want to share what I noticed with you.

ManoleteManolete was considered to be the world’s greatest and most loved matadors; known for his bravery and skill.  A master of the art noticed his raw talent and took him under his wing.  He taught him all the “classic” moves and how to stand and hold.  He forbade him from using the flashy trickery that was in vogue.



The four things Manolete learned how to do were:

Take a stand

Walk with presence

Hold his ground

Influence his environment

The public adored him.  They never saw such courage.  They never saw anyone plant feet they way he did in the sand and never budge…not even an inch…nor sway his body (even when the bull’s horns were a mere inch from his body).  He held firm and commanded his space.  He did not dodge the bull but required the bull to turn from him through his skillful use of his “magical cape”.  He demonstrated that bull fighting is not a battle between a man and a bull but between a man and the Self.

So what does this have to do with being a Sovereign Woman™?  All of what Manolete mastered is ours to master too.  They are the foundational practices to reclaiming our sovereignty:  Stand, Choice, Holding, and Influence.

[Tweet “”The Sovereign Woman ™ has the body of stability, takes a stand for what she cares about and lives from choice. From this “shape” she becomes an irresistible electromagnetic force.””]

I find the metaphor perfect.  Stand, choose, hold, and create a force field around you that influences your environment like a whirling cape.

Although the world has suppressed women and the feminine way of being for thousands of years, today the challenge (at least in the Western world where we are privileged with the means and freedom to choose) is between each woman and her Self.




  1. Gerrie Ritchie-Cox

    May 5, 2014 - 3:41 pm

    Hi Alison, thank you this is so true, it resonates with me and part of my journey was I had to set my boundaries, be a peace maker, share my story , Be present, and most important trial was I had to stand my ground even my my core felt wobbly and my hands shaking,I just knew I had to do it once and for all and stand tall again in my own beautiful essence. Love Gerrie xx

  2. Alison McLean

    May 8, 2014 - 12:16 am

    Beautiful, Gerrie. Thank you for sharing your personal journey. Creating “boundaries” is a challenge for most women, particularly highly empathic women who are compelled to love, nurture and support. As we increase our ability to center, ground and come from choice, a choice finely tuned with are incarnation purpose it becomes easier as our electromagnetic force field grows attracting what aligns and repelling what doesn’t. Wonderful work sweet soul tribe sister of mine!

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