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Being All of You: Spirit, Tribe and Self

What I have to say is not new.  I’ve said it many times before; however, not only is it worth repeating.  I am seeing it from so many different angles.  We are in a magnificent time.  I love being alive and awake in this amazing time and living in a body.  We are at an evolutionary precipice.  We are at a time of great human suffering and we are also at a time of great evolutionary change and an awakening.

I assert that one fundamental root of our suffering is our perceived separation from the whole and a fundamental lack of integration of the Self.  In other words, over the past two millennia, we have forgotten who we are and where we live.

Many of you already know that I am an historical buff.  I love history because it is one of the major factors that shape  us as humans.  And, as many of you know, not all of the history I talk about is written in the history books.  Why is that?  Because I learn history through my body and I listen to the folklore and stories in the fabric of the culture (but more about all of this in a future post).

So, what happened to humanity to create this sense of separation, disembodiment and lack of cohesion?  It started with Copernican Revolution and the era of Descartes and other  scientists and philosophers which ended up in the division of church and state in the 14th and 16th centuries.

Prior to Copernicus, truth was determined by the Church and it wasn’t verified empirically.  Scholars, scientists and philosophers began wanting empirical support for the teaching about who we are and how the world works.  There ended up being an impasse where science held dominion over the external world and the church, the internal.  Thus causing a schism in the human psyche which impacts the body.

What ended up happening is this… What has contributed to extraordinary advances in technology also had very severe consequences on the well-being of humanity.

Science now tells us what can be known.  Knowledge, to be valid, needs to be subject to the laws of physics, chemistry, biology or some scientific discipline in order to be considered objective or valid.  Spirituality, emotions, intuition and mortality (and other fluffy stuff) have been left to the domain of the church and other spiritual organizations.

In addition to telling us what can be known, science dictates how this can be known.  It has to adhere to the scientific method to be valid.

If that wasn’t bad enough, knowledge was subsequently acquired primarily for the sake of the manipulating the physical world and dominating nature, which Francis Bacon, the father of scientific method insisted upon.

The result is a culture of more, bigger and better just for the sake of it.  A loss of connection with satisfaction and fulfillment.  Unlike nature, which is governed by the law of dynamic homeostasis dictating when a process of growth or change should move forward, slow down or stop altogether, our current culture never appears to recognize a point of this “enoughness”.

This Copernican Revolution, despite its brilliant impact in both science and philosophy has left us in a cold, purposeless universe in which human kind shows up only as a cosmic accident and a random act…far from being at the very center of a divinely created cosmos.  In preceding eras, throughout antiquity as we can see through the Greeks, Eqyptians, Celts, Druids, Native cultures, human beings felt a deep sense of connection to the world and were in partnership with nature.  The natural world was regarded as an expression of the divine.  We now experience a cosmic loneliness.  Over time, this loneliness has begun to seep into our bones.  We have become blind to our connection to the world and instead of opening to how we can serve and participate.  We live in a mood of ingratitude, dissatisfaction and even alienated from ourselves.  This alienation allows us to destroy each other and our planet.

Although all of this seems like quite the downer…it is not.  Because I assert this is not who we are or the universe we live in.  And the great shift is occurring.  Much of the direction we have been heading in is a result of the over-reliance on masculine thinking and the suppression of the feminine over the past 5000 plus years.  In 2013 we began seeing a radical shift and it is time to return to balance and integration.

So, who are we?  We are a SELF and we are each a HOLON and the universe we live in is a HOLON of higher order.  So what is a holon?  Holons are autonomous and sovereign wholes interdependent on other autonomous and sovereign wholes which create more complex holons creating an ultimate web of Quantum Entanglements…or the Matrix so to speak. Another way that to look at being a holon and living in a holon is that we can experience our sovereignty as it relates to Spirit (which is the the holon of the greatest order, Tribe (which are the holons that we are to coordinate action with in this life and maybe many life times, and the Self).  The concept is huge so I promise to elaborate in another post.

We can’t readily experience ourselves as a holon which is us as an infinite being. (Albiet we can learn to use the laws that apply to a system of holons and truly live in the magic.   We can also look at ourselves as a SELF in this physicality that we find ourselves in.  Embodiment is a buzz word lately.  I’ve been teaching embodiment for  a while and from my perspective it is not about teaching people to get into their bodies…because where are we if we are not in our body.  It is more about awakening in you body.  Becoming conscious, open, receptive and perceptive in your body.  It is about using your body as a place of learning.

Are you getting more excited about being alive and in a body now?!  When you can finally be all of you and connect with Spirit, your tribe and self?  I am!



  1. Farion

    July 16, 2013 - 3:21 pm

    As I read, I think of Rupert Sheldrake. Have you heard or read any of his studies and posits for our time, i.e. his latest book, called Seven Experiments That May Change the World? He is a scientist who is challenging the scientific way of thinking you speak about. His name for your Holons is Morphic Fields.

    And yes, I too love that I am alive now in this time of awakening!

    • Alie

      July 16, 2013 - 3:29 pm

      How interesting! I will definitely read the book. I have used the term Morphic Field before and would enjoy learning his context. Thank you for passing the book along!

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