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Self Mastery in the 3rd Dimension

More and more I am experiencing myself as an Infinite Being; expanded in consciousness, awareness, time and space.  My cellular memory of the past and my connection to the deep histories of within  my own DNA and others is sometimes so vivid that the “reality” I live in is not 2013.  But sometimes I don’t.  I feel limited by my circumstances and the constraints of time, space and matter.  Sometimes, I experience both at the same time which is tormenting.  Is this happening to any of you?

As I’ve described before, I see us each as  a holon (an autonomous and sovereign whole BOTH independent AND subservient to a greater autonomous and sovereign whole).  For more regarding this, see my blog post Being All of You:  Spirit, Tribe and Self.

Most of us don’t experience ourselves as a holon, which is us as an infinite being, right away. It takes an awakening through awareness, observation and practice.  But there is a way we can experience ourselves more and more as an Infinite Being in this 3rd dimensional world we live in.  I call this process Self Mastery.  What this means is there is actually something called a Self that can be mastered…so what is it? Funny, we are a Self and we even refer to this Self but most of us don’t know what one is.

On the journey toward Self Master, we learn to make distinctions.  What is a distinction and why are they important?  Humans live in language.  Making distinctions is a linguistic act that we do as humans that bring things into existence.  Distinctions create new worlds.  When we create distinctions, things begin to “exist” that didn’t “exist” before.  An example of this is one person can look up at the night sky and see tiny bright lights and that’s all they see. This person is then told that those bright lights are actually stars and they see begin to see stars.  Then the constellations are shown to them and they begin to see constellations.  And then they are introduced to astrology and astronomy and they see a universe and beyond.  Which “sight” was correct?  There is no right answer, of course, but this example is all about distinctions.  Distinctions allow something to stand out so you could observe it and then make new choices.

Being trained as an Ontological and Somatic Coach, I look at a Self in a very specific way.  Ontology is the study of Being.  It is living in the inquiry of who are we?  And what is the universe in which we live.  And how do we live “well” in this incarnation?  Somatics comes from the greek work SOMA meaning body in it’s wholeness.  From this perspective we can learn to use the body as the place for learning…a road map…this is what it was created for.  I like to call it the modern day Mystery School. The Greek word for this state of Self Mastery or Self Awareness is Anthropos – a fully realized and fulfilled human. To become fully anthropos is to know who you are and what you are here to do.

There are some very useful distinctions about the Self, seen through the Ontological and Somatic lens which enables us observe more clearly and ultimately live in greater choice.

Ontologically, the SELF can be observed in terms of Language, Body and our Moods/Emotions.   Very briefly, Language is a reflection of our Mind represented by our internal and external conversations, the Body is a reflection of our experiences through how it is shaped.  It also holds ALL our history, and our Emotions/Mood are our action triggers.  Given any given Mood or Emotion, a certain subset of actions become available.  For example, if a person feels angry, they might punish or shut down.  Any given coherency (combination) of these three aspects of self will produce a certain perspective, a certain cadre of possibilities and pre-dispositions to certain choices.  A shift in any one of these components of SELF creates a shift in the other two elements producing a new observer, a new set of possibilities and the ability to take new action.  That is why becoming a great observer of this Self and understanding how to work with the three distinctions of Language, Body and Mood/Emotion we can live in greater choice and start participating in our fullness as an integral part of creation.



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