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More Predicting and Controlling

April 11, 2013, Day 12 – Najera to Santo Domingo (20 km)

Outer Journey

After leaving the lively town of Najera (population 7,000) I walked through mostly rolling farmland and vineyards.  After passing the small town of Azorfa (population 500), I began another 300 meter ascent up to the town of Ciruena (at an altitude of 2,400 feet) and then back down to Santo Domingo (population 5,600) where I stayed the night.  Not all of The Camino is lush and beautiful.  There is a lot of walking through empty streets and industrial areas.

Inner Journey

Today was a blissfully beautiful day.  The sun finally came out and the wind stopped blowing.  I realized that I felt light and for the first time on The Camino, I needed nothing and I wasn´t walking towards anything.  The previous days I walked in hopes of finding a cafe con leche in the next town 5 km away or a hot chocolate.  But today, I needed nothing.  I was free. I chose to get a hotel in Santo Domingo because I was sore and wanted a bit of luxury.  I stayed in the famous Parador de Santo Domingo which is house in a refurbished 16th century convent. I found a good price on the internet.

Strangely enough, staying in the luxury accomodations was like drinking water that did not quench.  I can´t name it, however, the reception and conceirge was unfriendly and it felt a bit lonely to be there.

One of my questions on The Camino is how I can live undefined, out of control, unplanned, etc. and I am finding every time I ¨think¨ I want a certain experience, it turns out to be something else.

How deep are the layers of wanting to predict and control and how do I live from choice and volition AND live undefined and unplanned?  I will see what The Camino teaches me about this.

Buen Camino!



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  1. Lida

    April 24, 2013 - 3:19 pm

    Dearest Alie, I feel as if I am with you on the Camino as I read your posts…the pictures and your reflections bring it alive and make it so real to me. I know you are walking for yourself and for each of us as well unfolding, unraveling, healing, revealing. Messages are there for
    you each day – whether in the voice of a young Templar, in a caterpillar, a stork, or a cave, flowers, a building. May the earth support you as you walk, may the sky protect you, may the wind caress and uplift you, may the sun warm you, may all life bless you my friend. I love you. Lida

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