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The Stork

April 10, 2013 Day 11 Navarette – Najera (18 km)

Outer Journey

An easy walk at an altitude of about 2, 000 feet. Through the vineyards and rich red soil of Rioja. The weather is improving but I am still walking straight into the cold wind. I decided to stay in the lively town of Najera by the river.

Inner Journey

On almost all of the church steeples there are huge, I mean very big nests with very large birds. Some steeples hamirrored than one nest. I discovered that they were stork nests. I have never seen a stork before. Many of you know that I appreciate learning from the signs and totems along the way so I researched the symbolism of the stork. The stork carries feminine energies. Birth, rebirth, and connecting to our roots. It is about creative energy, as in birthing new awareness . The stork aids in carrying new ideas, thoughts and ventures to where they need to be for Spirit’s plan.The stork represents the fire necessary for actioin the areas of your life as stork teaches you to move in the air (mind) and on land (body) with balance and relaxation. The stork shows the way of peace and calm through changeStork encourages you to carry your new found peace into all areas of your life.

I couldn’t imagine a better totem for The Camino.

One of the many lessons of the Camino is to make peace and choose forgiveness. Forgiveness the harsh conditions, for self judgement and my own short comings  for the other pilgrims and their ways.

The Camino is full of crosses. For me, the cross is a powerful symbol. It represents the four directions. It represents the four primary elements. It represents the masculine and the feminine. It represents costs roads and paradoxes. Until now, I didn’t realize howmany crosses I carried And embracing them all.

Buen Camino!





  1. Dottie

    April 23, 2013 - 3:37 pm

    It has been so fun to follow you and hear your reflections. Great reminders for me to keep unravel. What great insight about the stork!
    Thanks for taking the time to share your journey – inner and outer.
    I continue to be in awe with your courage and stamina.

  2. Robert and Delphine

    April 24, 2013 - 2:36 am

    Dear Dulcinea: It was wonderful to hear your voice on your birthday. Dede tells me that you have arrived safely in Leon. Congatulations A little history from your mama who loves anything and everything historic. Leon, like so many places in Northern Spain, is of Roman origin. Leon has a great cathedral (we visited it in 1974 -remember?) two notable plazas (Botines and San marcelo) and in the former monastery of San Isidoro the best frescos outside museums. And of course the Parador ! There is so much to absorb in Leon that you might want to linger a while. If the parador is a bit rich, you might try the benedictine convent that takes in pilgrims. I am sending you a translation of the blessing given pilgrims at the convent, important because so many end the journey here,and it still is recognized for the great spiritual effort it is.

    “God, our Lord, who brought your servant Abraham out of the city of Caldeas, protecting him on all his journeys, and who was the Hebrew nation’s guide through the desert, we ask you to bless these children of yours who are on pilgrimage to Compostela. Be for them a companion on their way, guide them at the crossroads, shelter them on the road , shade them in the heat, light in the darkness and comfort them in their weariness so that, through your guidance they arrive safe at the end of the way and enriched with grace and virtue, return home healthy and full of joy.” These hopes are mine too , dear Dulcinea. Buen Camino. Besos y abrazos. Mama

    P.S .DQ is also so happy that you are in Leon. He has some ideas about your journey from Leon to Santiago.Magnificent scenery but mountain passes and gorges are sometimes a bit much, especially as you should give Santiago a good visit and also that Finisterre is well worth visiting. Next post he will give you some ideas, like doing a little bus .;l,jkmrides…..

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