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To Become a Butterfly Said the Catepiller

April 9, 2013 Day 10 – Viana – Navarette (18 km)

Outer Journey

A beautiful and varied walk today. I left the lovely city of Viana about mid-day.  The weather has turned much warmer.  I knew the Camino  would wait for me.  I passed through the bustling city of Logrono which I liked a lot.  It is a university town and had a lot going on.  After Logrono there was a climb of about 300 meters until I reached the town of Navarette.  I always loved the rich, red soil of Spain.  It is particularly present in this wine region of Rioja.

Inner Journey

The terrain was so varied today and so were my emotions and learning.  Once again, I left the town of Viana alone.  But along The Way I met a catepillar.  I asked the catepiller why he was walking The Camino.  He answered to become a butterfly.  I thought that was so odd because of course he was destined to become a butterfly.  It is his nature.  It is how he was made.  It was what he was designed for.  He then asked me why I was walking The Camino.  I answered, to become Sovereign.  He laughed and said I was silly because of course I was Sovereign…didn´t I see that?  That is how I was made and designed.  We both laughed at ourselves realizing that we just had to get out of our own way and allow our natural selves to come through and enjoy the journey.

Why do we need to try so hard to BE what we were destined to be?

I also realized that I  enjoy my own company.  I enjoy my thoughts and what I notice around me.  I also enjoy walking with people who enjoy their own company as well because then we can share the space together and we speak our thoughts and awarenesses when they come up but there isn´t the need to break the silence with chatter.  There is a Spanish man named Santiago.  He is probably in his 70´s.  I meet him from time to time and we walk several kilometers together.  He is a wonderful walking companion!

Buen Camino!





  1. Robert and Delphine

    April 19, 2013 - 3:47 pm

    Dear Alison,
    We were glad tp hear from you, and to learn that you are making progress and enjoying the trip. We are also happy tht the weather has turned milder. We,too, are enjoying warm spring weather, and flowers are blooming. You are certainly heroic, and strengthening yourself.
    I am glad when you meet people, and become friends and acquaintances. We have always enjoyed people when we travel, and that is why we prefer bed and breakfasts rather than hotels. Do you feel lonely at times? Iguess that is only natural, but you are made of strong fiber. Just don;t walk if you should gt fever or a bad colds. Get better first, and then continue. The farthest I have gone is to canoe the Allagash, but Iwish I had known about Camino. Lots of enjoyment and progress. We love you. Love, Daddy

  2. Robert and Delphine

    April 19, 2013 - 4:15 pm

    Dear Dulcinea: How great it is to hear the weather is getting better. My good friend Carmen is from Leon and her family tells her that this year has been the coldest they remember, but that it is improving. Carmen is sorry that she will not be in Leon until this summer, as she is every year so that she could greet you on your arrival. She wants you to know that after Leon there is a town called Astorga. Your abuelita (nana) aways spoke of the mantecados(?) de Astorga, a sort of cake. Make sure you try some and think of her and how she loved you when you do. Carmen strongly recommends a little retaurant in Astorga called Cafe Madrid. Great food at reasonable prices. I hope you have already tried Jamon Serrano and of course chorizos and that you think of me as you munch them and how much I love you.

    Now some advice from DQ. Good to hear about some interesting companions. It is very important to be part of a larger universe, as well as your own interior journey. The caminantes are there for you and you are there for them. The is the beauty of the Camino. He also wants to remind you that there are long stretches of “meseta”from where you are to Leon and that you could take some bus rides. It still counts and you will enjoy the journey more.

    Besos y ABRAZOS. Buen amino . Mama

  3. carla obrien

    April 19, 2013 - 3:54 pm

    Ali, I love this post. It is so pure and authentic. And it is a children’s book…Keep sharing as it takes my breath away.


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